Send Flat Stanley Around the World

One of the benefits of being only ½-inch thick is that Flat Stanley can travel comfortably around the world through the mail. Print, decorate, and send your own Flat Stanley to your friends and family near and far. Ask them to take Flat Stanley to their favorite landmarks and take pictures to mail back so you can see all of the fun Flat Stanley had.

Step 1
Download and print the Flat Stanley template

Step 2
Decorate Flat Stanley to make him your own

Step 3
Think of a friend or relative that would like to host your Flat Stanley

Step 4
Locate that person’s address and prepare the envelope (make sure the envelope is big enough to hold Flat Stanley!)

Step 5
Place Flat Stanley and a letter in the envelope

Step 6
Place the correct postage on the envelope and mail it

Step 7
Ask them to photograph Flat Stanley at their favorite landmarks and then share the pictures with you (and with us via this website)


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    Art by Macky Pamintuan. Based on the character, stories, and adventures of Flat Stanley created by the late Jeff Brown.
    FLAT STANLEY® is a registered trademark of the Trust u/w/o Richard C. Brown f/b/o Duncan Brown.