Behind The Boy

Hi, friends! I’m Flat Stanley. I’m a kid just like you except one night when I was sleeping, the bulletin board that hung over my bed fell on top of me. Don’t worry; it didn’t hurt, but it sure did flatten me! Being the only flat kid around has gotten me into some really interesting adventures. I can fit down sewers, slide underneath doors, even fly like a kite. Sometimes it seems like everyone needs the help of a flat kid.

But when I need a break, I can fold myself up into an envelope and mail myself anywhere in the world! There’s no place on Earth a flat kid can’t go! Read about my travels in WORLDWIDE ADVENTURES!

Jeff Brown Jeff Brown created the character of Flat Stanley when his son joked that he thought the bulletin board over his bed would fall on him and flatten him in his sleep. The joke was so funny, Mr. Brown decided to write a story about what would happen if a bulletin board actually did flatten a sleeping boy, and Flat Stanley was born. Kids and teachers around the world immediately embraced Jeff Brown’s children’s books, and took to fun classroom activities based on the stories, like the Flat Stanley Project. Today, you can download your own printable Flat Stanley and keep Mr. Brown’s wonderful legacy going!

Sara Pennypacker Sara Pennypacker, author of the beloved Clementine books, was a painter before becoming a writer. She has written several books, including Stewart’s Cape and Stewart Goes to School, both illustrated by Martin Matje, Dumbstruck, and Flat Stanley’s Worldwide Adventures books 1, 2, 3, and 4, which are chock full of ideas for learning activities and teaching kids geography. Sara lives in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Josh Greenhut Josh Greenhut once mailed Flat Stanley, in costume, to a Halloween party 300 miles away. He is now married to the woman who was host of the party, and they live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with their two children. Josh is the author of Flat Stanley’s Worldwide Adventures books 5 through 12, which take readers all the way from Mexico to Africa, China, Australia and beyond! Learning world geography has never been more fun than with Flat Stanley!
Macky Pamintuan Macky Pamintuan grew up in the Philippines. He still remembers the day when he successfully drew Mickey Mouse and Superman, a huge breakthrough and a sweet triumph. After a world geography tour of his own, with stops in California and Mexico, he now lives once again in the Philippines with his wife, Aymone, their baby daughter, Alison, and their dog, Winter. There, he illustrates many books including the original Flat Stanley books by Jeff Brown as well as Flat Stanley’s Worldwide Adventures. Check out Macky’s travel photos in the Flat Stanley Picture Gallery!

  • illustrated by
    Tomi Ungerer

    illustrated by
    Steve Björkman

    illustrated by
    Scott Nash

    illustrated by
    Macky Pamintuan


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