About Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley and his friends have been entertaining children for generations and now he’s back traveling the globe in an exciting new series: Flat Stanley’s Worldwide Adventures.

With a cast of fun and memorable characters, this classic hero has returned to travel the globe in his very own series of geography-themed books. Yes, this is the same Stanley who was first flattened by a bulletin board in his original adventure over forty-five years ago, enabling him to fly like a kite, slip under doors, and travel by mail; the same Stanley who has inspired countless children to make their own flat character cutouts to send through the mail.

We’ve created this special section to help parents learn more about Flat Stanley, and we hope you have a flat-out amazing time!



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    Art by Macky Pamintuan. Based on the character, stories, and adventures of Flat Stanley created by the late Jeff Brown.
    FLAT STANLEY® is a registered trademark of the Trust u/w/o Richard C. Brown f/b/o Duncan Brown.