Flat Stanley’s Worldwide Adventures #4: The Intrepid Canadian Expedition Teaching Guide

Oh Canada! Include our friendly neighbors to the north when teaching your students about world geography. Help your class research the Inuit, Olympic athletes, and maple syrup, eh?!

About the Book

Ever since Stanley was flattened by a bulletin board, he has been able to do things that no one else can. During a ski trip in Canada, Stanley and his new friend, Nick, try snowboard stunts—with Stanley as Nick’s snowboard! But when Stanley billows like a parasail, the two boys float to northern Canada. With the help of new friends, they trek thousands of miles to reunite with their families, and along the way they learn about Canada and about friendship.

Comprehension and Discussion Questions

  • List three places that Nick and Stanley visit in Canada. What do they learn about Canada in these places? After reading The Intrepid Canadian Expedition, what else would you like to know about Canada and why?
  • Why are Stanley and Nick surprised when they meet Tulugaq’s cousins, Nauja and Mountie Martin? If you were Stanley or Nick, would you have been surprised? Why or why not?
  • Do you think Nick is really as good at everything as he says he is? Why or why not? Why do you think Nick always tells everybody he’s great?
  • In chapter 5, Mountie Martin says, “A team that competes with itself is not a very strong team.” What does he mean by this statement? Do you agree or disagree? Why?
  • Where do Stanley and Nick end up at the book’s conclusion, and how does Nick save Stanley? Describe an incident during which you’ve done something brave or kind for someone you didn’t initially like. Explain why you chose to help this person.

Extension Activities

  • Map the Adventure. Help your students list the Canadian regions and cities that Stanley and Nick visit, as well as identify cultural items and events that the two boys encounter along the way. Assist your class in constructing a wall map of Canada with eye-catching, accurate markers for each location the characters visit.
  • Canadian Chefs Live. With your class, select one of the foods described in The Intrepid Canadian Expedition, such as poutine or maple taffy, or another traditional Canadian dish. Research recipes and historical or cultural details about the dish. Then create a cooking show presentation to perform for another class or for students’ families. Finish the presentation with a tasting of the scrumptious dish prepared by your distinguished chefs.
  • The Inuit Live Where? Help your class research locations of Inuit communities in Canada. Have students examine the geography of these locations as well as ways Inuit culture, both contemporary and historical, has been shaped by the geography. Then assist students in creating a “The Inuit Live Where?” atlas. Keep the atlas in your classroom library or donate it to your school library so that the whole school can benefit from your class’s hard work.
  • Olympic Athletes in Action. Ask each student to gather biographical information about a current or recent Olympic athlete. As part of their research, students should locate video clips of their athletes practicing or playing their respective sports. Have students select any art medium—painting, sculpture, collage, etc.—and then craft depictions of their athletes participating in their sports. As a class, create an informative and inspiring “Olympic Athletes in Action” gallery.

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Teaching guide prepared by Laura Williams McCaffrey, a library consultant and children’s book author, East Montpelier, Vermont.


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